Pistol Completed

I received my roll pin set in the mail today so I was able to install the gas block and gas tube.  I installed the simple threaded device onto the muzzle and threw on the Midwest Industries gen 2 SS handguard.  I then installed the Magpul AFG and the Magpul front and rear flip up sights.

Tomorrow I should be receiving the panel kits I had ordered for the handguard; with that, I should also be receiving the Magpul MS3 sling.  In that shipment are a couple things for my carbine; a Rock River Arms 2 stage trigger and a Griffin Compensator/flash hider.

Here is a picture of my matching carbine and pistol side by side.

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Almost Done

I thought I would have the pistol build complete today but there was a slight oversight; I forgot about the gas tube roll pin. My handguard showed up at the house today along with the gas block from Bravo Company. I chose the Midwest Industries Gen2 SS 10″ handguard to match my carbine which has the 15″ handguard. I installed the 10.5″ barrel from YHM onto the Anderson Manufacturing upper receiver using AeroShell 33MS milspec grease. I decided to go with the nickel boron bolt carrier group that I got from Anderson along with the gas tube. The muzzle device I will be using is just a black Simple Threaded Device. I went ahead and installed the barrel nut for the Midwest handguard eventhough I couldn’t install the handguard quite yet. I have a roll pin set on the way which should be showing up by Wednesday then I will finally be able to complete this pistol.

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Sig Sauer SIGTac SB15

The castle nut for my AR build showed up today along with the buffer, buffer spring and Magpul MBUS flip up sights.

I installed the buffer tube assembly along with the Sig brace. I used the Exos Defense pistol buffer tube which I picked up on Amazon for $29.95. On Amazon.com, the Exos buffer tube says “1.20” Diameter Body Provides Tight Rotation-resistant Fit with the SB-15 Brace”; it was extremely tough to get the Sig brace to fit on the buffer tube. As hard as it was to get the Sig brace on to the buffer tube, I don’t think it will move whatsoever on this buffer tube.

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AR Pistol Build – Lower Receiver Assembly

I started my AR build tonight; as the title says, I am building an AR pistol.  I have an Anderson manufacturing stripped lower receiver that I picked up at a local gun shop (Top Gun in Taylor, Michigan).  I decided to go with the Rock River Arms lower receiver parts kit with a 2 stage trigger and a Hogue grip.

Before I bought the Anderson lower receiver, I had never heard of them. I had a choice between the Anderson and a Stag lower at the gun shop and after hearing about a couple of successfull builds on the Anderson lower, I decided to give it a try.

My castle nut isn’t due to arrive at the house until tomorrow, so I wasn’t able to go any further with the lower receiver today. Additionally, I did not install the trigger guard as I have a Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard ordered. In the above picture, you can see the DSS Ambidextrous Dual Round Loop One Point Sling Adapter Mount, the Exos Defense Pistol Tube for SB15, and the Sig SB15 stabilizing brace.

The lower parts kit and trigger group installed into the Anderson lower receiver beautifully, the RRA 2 stage trigger feels amazing, and I can’t wait to receive the remainder of the parts for this build over the next several days.

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My AR-15

The reason I currently have the urge to start blogging again is to share my first AR build with anyone who may stumble upon this webpage. At the moment I only own one complete AR-15, which will soon be two.

The complete AR that I have is a Core15 scout carbine; this came with a 16″ barrel and a low profile gasblock.  Here is a picture I found online of the same carbine I have.

The modifications I made to the AR are as follows:
-Ergo grip
-Magpul Gen 2 MBUS front and rear backup sights
-Magpul Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point
-UTG Milspec buffer tube
-Magpul CTR stock
-Magpul Rail Sling Attachment
-Magpul MS3 Gen 2 sling
-UTG 3/4″ riser
-Primary Arms MicroDot
-Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS 15″ handguard
-Barska flashlight foregrip combo

The only additional modifications I plan to make is to replace the A2 flash hider with either a BattleComp or a Griffin compensator and to replace the current trigger with a 2 stage trigger.

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Hello All

I have owned this domain name since 2006 (except for a year when I forgot to pay for renewal) and this domain has mostly sat dormant. I have had several short spurts of time when I was willing and enjoyed blogging. I figured now is one of those times to start posting again, but this time I hope to go for a little longer than I usually do.

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